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Adult Learn to Row

HRA runs adult Learn to Row sessions, whose primary purpose is to introduce adults to rowing who are either entirely new to the sport or who have experience rowing, albeit maybe from many years past. The sessions are a ton of fun as well, as the environment is also oriented to build social rowing connections and friendships between new rowers.
These sessions, which mix both on-land and on-water components, are held usually on an every other month basis, depending upon participant numbers. One Learn to Row session will consist normally of four (4), two (2) hour lessons held in a group setting.

Fees for Adult Learn to Row can be found in the Masters section on the Programs/Affiliates page.

National Learn to Row Day

Each year, USRowing’s National Learn to Row Day is the first Saturday in June. In most years, HRA looks to open the boathouse for any interested visitors for 3-4 hours during the morning. During that time, we look to introduce those visitors to the basic type of rowing, the equipment used in rowing, and to the basics of the rowing stroke. This usually includes an introductory outing with current rowers of the club.

Summer Junior Rowing Program

The Summer is both training and recruiting timeframe for HRA’s Junior Program. We offer the opportunity for current Junior Program rowers to continue their training during daily, during morning two (2) hour sessions throughout the months of June and July. We also offer new Juniors the opportunity to experience rowing during weekly sessions during these same times.

For the new junior rower, the first weekly session takes the form of a Learn to Row session. Additional weeks provide the opportunity for new juniors to join current junior rowers in their daily training, and ultimately (if interested) to join the regular Junior Program during the scholastic year.

Halifax Regatta

HRA have held our own Halifax Regatta for the better part of the past 30 years. This regatta, held in late July, falls at the end of the Summer Junior Rowing Program. It is a two-day regatta that includes Masters, Junior and Adaptive rowing races. The Halifax Regatta is one of the few regattas offered during the mid/late Summer timeframe in the Southeastern US.

Private Lessons

While this isn’t a planned event, HRA coaches do offer on an ad hoc basis the opportunity for private lessons. If interested, please reach out to us via the link below.